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Mercenaries / Walk-on Players page.

An easy twelve step program to getting on a team at Poultry Days.

I won’t guarantee anyone it will work, but it has worked in the past.

  1. From the web site, check the teams who have made the cut and are playing in the tournament.

  2. E-mail any of the teams or team captains you recognizes. Remind them of old stories of you and them (make a connection) and how great it would be reunite old comrades to play in a great tourney together again. A good story is needed here. Bribes of beer and chicken dinners may be useful.

  3. Repeat as necessary.

  4. If this doesn’t work. Get to Versailles early Friday afternoon with every color T-shirt/jersey you can think of.

  5. Buy lots-o-beer at the drive thru(s) in Versailles and if you have not brought "special or regional" beer with you, buy more beer in Versailles. Get the beer iced down in a large cooler quickly; you never know when you will meet your new team captain.

  6. Get to the Poultry Days / Heritage Park and get your tent up in a good location. If nothing else, you will have a great weekend of drinking and watching some good Ultimate!

  7. Be helpful to everyone. Help people with setting up their tents, start sharing your beer but keep the good brew for closing the deal. Ask whom they are playing with, who their team captain is and if they need players.

  8. Throw the disc with potential teammates. Keep it simple, they are looking for a defensive player who has solid throws not a freestyler or an Ultimate god.

  9. Stay sober enough to met people as they come in all night. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you find a team whom need the beer or the bodies.

  10. Get up early to verify they still need you (hope you remember their name and where their tent was pitched). If you have no team, talk to other players who may need players at breakfast. Don’t offer them a beer for breakfast since you may be perceived as a drunk. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you find a team whom need the beer or the bodies.

  11. Come to the captain’s meeting and at the end when we ask if teams need players - let it be known you need a team to help you drink all of the beer you have purchased!

  12. Take your beer to the fields to see who is willing to trade PT for beer. If you don’t find any teams on any of the fields who are short players to start their first game (check the Farm fields and the High School fields) then head for the Poultry Days parade uptown with your beer! Enjoy the hospitality of the people of Versailles, the great Barbecue Chicken Dinners, the kiddie tractor pull, meet Miss Chick and watch some fine Ultimate!