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It's Not Just Another Tournament, It's...


Poultry Days Ultimate Classic XL



Captains' Meeting: Will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday June 10. Teams who show up late will possibly get bumped from the tournament. No more then two appointed team representatives at the meeting.

Parking: NO PARKING ON GRASS ANYWHERE IN AND AROUND PARK AREA. Park in designated parking places. If the Heritage Park parking lot is full, park across the street in the swimming pool parking lot. A parking lot has been built off Klipstine Road (see map). This parking lot has been doubled in size.  Please do NOT walk through residential yards next to the park. You can park at the YMCA as well(off of Klipstine Road).

Camping: The Heritage Park fields are available for camping for the tournament. Please, stay away from fenced areas and residential houses and please keep the noise level down after dusk. Problems with noise will end the tournament. Police the individuals and groups near you so we don't have any of these situations. Remember, if one of us is trouble , we all are trouble to the locals. Please, no fireworks or loud music at night and late night drummers will be executed at sunrise!!! No exceptions!

 Shower: Will be opened Saturday morning and Saturday night until 9 p.m. and Sunday morning and afternoon. They are located in the Versailles High School locker rooms (in the back of the school, next to the gym). Refreshingly Cold outdoor temporary showers will be available throughout the day at Heritage Park.

Game Time: Announced at the Captain's meetings The first games will start both days 15 minutes after the conclusion of the captain's meetings. This means the first games will start at approximately 9:00 a.m. Saturday's first game will be capped at a predetermined time set at the Captains' Meeting usually (at 10:30 A.M.) Tournament Directors will be present to make sure the first games of the day are started and ended on time. Points will be assessed. It is in your best interest to not disgruntle the Tournament Directors and especially their wives!!!

Sunday's Games: Captains' Meeting at 8:00 a.m. on June 11. Game times and points will be determined at the Captains' Meeting. The first games will start 15 minutes after the conclusion of the Captains' Meeting. This means the first games will start at approximately 9:00 a.m. Be ready to play or points will be assessed. Don't anger the Ultimate Gods (ok tournament directors in this case).

Trophies: Awarded by Miss Chick to the top two teams in the "A" Division, top team in the "B" Division, "C" Division, and "D" Division.

Masseuses: Two (2) masseuses will be available for a limited time during the tournament. Please make appointments and requests at the Big Tent.

Sports Trainer: Available Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8 to 11:30 a.m.

Discs: Tournament Discs sold at the Big Tent.

Poultry Days Gear: Beefy-T's shirts (short,long & tanks in white or tie-dye), Patagonia shorts, pins, cozies and bottle openers all sold in the Big Tent.

No Glass Bottles anywhere in the Park.

Ice: Available by request from the helpers at the Big Tent. 8-Pound bags @ $1.00

Gatorade: Will be at the concession stand only at Heritage Park.
 & Water:
Will be provided at the fields and at the concession stand at Heritage Park.

Breakfast: Served both mornings in the gazebo at Heritage Park. Priced to move: fresh bagels, power bars, granola bars, cereal, donnon yogurt, doughnuts, fruit, coffee, juice, and milk.

Chicken Dinners: Tickets can be purchased at.....the Big Tent. We will also go and get the dinners for you at specific times throughout Saturday & Sunday afternoon. Chicken dinners tickets are $7.00 this year. We do not make early evening runs for the dinners since we do not know when they will run out of dinners each day. At any time, you can purchase a ticket from us and get the dinner yourself behind the High School.

Dogs: We are asking you to leave them at home. If you brought your four legged friend of any kind, we do require a leach and please pick up after them, or you may find it in your tent.

Late Teams: Show up late for the Captains' Meeting and you forfeit your entry fee. Your team will also be bumped from the tournament by the back up squad.  If you don't believe us, just ask the New York Team.

Emergencies: If there should be an emergency please contact one of the tournament directors ASAP!!! Numbers to know:

  • Versailles High School (Poultry Days Committee) (937) 526-4427
  • Versailles Police Department (937) 526-3431
  • Darke County Sheriff Department & Rescue (937) 548-2020

Fun: Have Lots of It !!!!!