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Poultry Days 2023. This will be the Fortieth annual occurrence of the Poultry Days Ultimate Classic. It seems to have a life of its own, and for six months of the year it runs the life of the Tournament Directors. We are expecting 32 open/co-ed teams to arrive into town either Friday night or early Saturday morning. The defending champions, the Pax American will return this year to defend their Poultry Days crown. The brackets will be divided with 8 pools of 4 teams. We grade our teams like we grade our eggs and you want to be Grade A, but you can still be a winner playing in the other brackets. Teams will be seated Sunday based on Saturday s pool results. Sunday s play will have a 16 team single elimination "A" bracket, a 16 team single elimination "B" bracket and a 16 team single elimination "C" bracket.

What is Poultry Days? Well, if you have not been to the tournament before, it is hard to describe. For most people it is the feeling they have while there - which draws them back like a yearly migration. As for the Tournament Directors, we think if we don t have the tournament, fifty teams would still show up and play! Picture this if you can& A small town in Middle America having it s small town festival for an industry which is not that big anymore for the area. They have their usual small town festival stuff. Booths selling food and drinks, a flea market, rides for the kiddies, bingo for the seniors, and a parade with a queen. Now picture 1000 Ultimate players crashing their party. The Twilight Zone thing about it is, the Ultimate players are accepted and they blend in as if they belong there. The Ultimate players are welcomed (see Respect Page) and they have made friends with the townspeople who they talk to each year. We like to think it is the tournament you will have the most fun at during the entire year, or your entire career! By the way, the competition is very competitive as well (see History Page).

Here are some quotes from years past that explain how people feel about our tournament.

"Poultry Days is the reason I got to hear Jason Wedekind explain to an Indiana State Trooper why we had a full cooler of ice-cold Old Style between the two front seats:

 Where you headed?

 Versailles. Ohio.

 Oh yeah, Frisbee players. We ve gotten a couple of you already. (looking inside, shining light on cooler) You guys poppin tops?

 No sir, they re for tomorrow morning.

And, of course, they were as we were both trying to pick up on a team."

"Last year was my inaugural year at the well-known and respected Poultry Days. The tournament itself is remarkable (in spirit, style, and performance). Yet what I ll take with me forever was the feeling I had when my teammates and I shared a moment all Poultry Days participants want to experience  we were at the carnival when the last chicken dinner was being served. I felt like I was connected to the town in a way only a local resident could understand."

"The reason I put together this team is so we (Midwestern transplants) could have a team to play for at Poultry Days and not worry about picking up. All of us go to Versailles every year to meet up with old friends and make new ones. It is all about the love of the game that is exhibited on the fields at Versailles unlike Ultimate played anywhere else. If I could go to only one tourney this year, it would be Poultry Days. Long live Midwestern values and long live Miss Chick!"

"Why, I love it so much that when I had a broken arm three years ago I went anyway and had to be physically restrained from playing out of sheer joy."

"1996 was a very special tourney for me as I turned 30 years of age on June 16th. On the stroke of midnight, my fellow teammates shaved my head bald for the first time in my life  and then poured tequila on it! My favorite moment outside the Ultimate Tournament was when the big helicopter come down and landed on the baseball field. Wow! Then to top it all off, I had the opportunity to take in the  Kiddy Tractor Pull. I just can t forget the look on the face of the one young chap who couldn t get his foot-peddled tractor off the starting line. The spirit of Poultry Days is the same spirit that made this country of ours so great; from the family, to the community, to the nation  caring, sharing, loving and a good chicken."

"There are certain things that will always be at the Poultry Days tournament. There will always be& women scoring on men who are the kind of men that say things like  throw the chick soft passes so she can catch  em & there will always be & vegetarians arguing with themselves that one chicken dinner  doesn t really matter. But there are also things which SHOULD always be at the Poultry Days Tournament. There should always be & a man willing to have tequila poured on his freshly shaved head & there should always be & a team who commonly gets asked  hey, have you guys been drinking?  No, we re high on chicken! & and there should always be at least two pretty boys from D.C. on every team." 

As usual, with the cooperation of the Poultry Days committee and the other fine folks involved with the event, we can camp on the fields, have bands in the "social" tent, showers in the school, and the "goo" on the best barbecue chicken ever knownst to man, women, or beast. 

Have we wet your appetite enough? Register your team by clicking here (link to registration page)