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Open Division Womens Division
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Open Division

Year Teams Champs Runners-Up Consolation Consolation
1982 2 Blue Meanies Diamond Dogs    
1983 12 Disco Volante Primal Urge Flying Circus Blue Meanies
1984 14 Blue Meanies Flying Circus Primal Urge Indy Eagles
1985 11 Square Americans Indy Eagles Huntsville Third World
1986 14 Milkmen North Coast Unknown Unknown
1987 15 Indy Eagles Shut Up & Play Cooter City North Coast
1988 20 Poultry In Motion Pittsburgh Crash Unknown Unknown
1989 22 Poultrygeist Indy Eagles Madison Poultry In Motion
1990 25 North Coast/
Burning River
Breast & Thighs Cooler by the Lake Bedrock
1991 25 Dixie Chickens Chickensaurs Rex HoosierMama? Budda Boys
1992 31 Dixie Chickens Breast & Thighs Budda Boys Arm & Hammer
1993 31 Dixie Chickens Panic Rotten Eggs Madison
1994 41 Friends of Frank Purdue Chicken Coup Grand Haven HoosierMama?
1995 35 Lemon HoosierMama? Indy Eagles Go-Chicken-Go
1996 35 Madison Chicken Coup Dixie Chickens Southern Fried Chicken
1997 35 Breast & Thighs Red Rooster/Blue Chick Dixie Chicken Lemon Chicken
1998 35 Friends of Frank Purdue Red Rooster/Blue Chick Bake Beach Chicken HoosierChicken
1999 55 Friends of Frank Purdue Dixie Chickens Super Chickens 20,000 Chicken Dinners
2000 65 Chicken Pax Pollo Con Pistolas Dixie Chickens Breasts & Thighs
2001 70 Dixie Chickens Iron Chef Madasshen Breast & Thighs Free Range Spirits
2002 70 Pax American Dixie Chickens Iron Chef Madasshen Tongue & Chick
2003 70 Breast and Thighs MadAssHen Grand Theft Ultimate Smerfs
2004 70 Chicken Pax Breast and Thighs MadAssHen Cock Wringers
2005 65 Rhode Island Red, White and Blue WWBJD Blue Chicken Miller's Chicken Chicken Pax
2006 65 Chicken Pax Team USDA Pecking Order Chicks with Dicks
2007 70 WWBCD Chicken Fingered Chicken Pax Chad Larson Eggsperience
2008 48 Chicken Pot Pi Chad Larson Eggsperience Chicken Pasties Chicken Fingered
2009 52 Team Canada Team USA Team Great Britan Tender Love
2010 48 Chad Larsonís Eggperience Chicken Fingered Breast & Thighs BuCocket
2011 48 Chicken Fingered The Chad Larson Eggs-perience Cock Wringers Ameraucana

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Womens Division

Year Teams Champs Runners-Up
1996 10 Wild Game Face ChickPeas
1997 10 Chicken Banshees ChickPeas
1998 10 Baltimore Banshees

Wild Game Face

1999 10 Baltimore Chilly Willma Mother Cluckers