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Saw the hometown Blue Meanies face the challenging Diamond Dawgs of Dayton, Ohio. After many rounds of games were played, the Blue Meanies proudly carried off the first Poultry Days Championship title.

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Expansion was the word for the '83 games, two pools and six teams. Primal Urge introduced day-glo to a stunned Versailles community. Their orange and purple yarned chicken ranch decor elicited this comment from one little old lady, "You are a nice bunch of folks, but you sure do dress funny." Also filling up the game slots were the Dawgs, Flying Circus, Miami University, Cincy, and the new champions, Disco Volante, equipped with Frandor, defeating Urge in the finals. Flying Circus came in third, with the Meanies.

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1984 came and fed the hometown boys well as a powerhouse Blue Meanie team fought diligently and overcame Kentucky's Flying Circus by scoring the only upwind goal in the championship game. Primal Urge finished in third place, and a new winged opponent, the Indy Eagles, screeched out a fourth place finish.

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11 teams appeared in 1985: Huntsville, Flying Circus, Tuxedos, Tossing Heads, Slow Children, Landsharks, Casual T's, Third World, Tiny Livestock, Eagles, and The Square Americans, plus the hometown Meanies. Rains fell during Saturday's play on Third World as they defeated the Meanies. Huntsville defeated Tiny Livestock, and the Eagles over Tennessee. In two of the longest games of the tournament, the misers of The Square Americans overcame Huntsville, and in a fierce match-up the Eagles triumphed over Third World. This placed the Eagles against The Square Americans in the finals. Being a calm, quiet, collected bunch that they are, the Square A's won the first place trophy. By the way dudes, "Where is it now?"

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1986’s invitation featured several new teams from the northlands The Molten Plastic Truck Disaster made their first appearance along with the Milkmen, who defeated North Coast in the masters game to don the belt of the udder champions. The Milkmen also shut down Poultry Days Sunday night by keeping the Mr. Sluggo vendor open until they had completely ravaged his supply of cigars and beer mugs.

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1987 saw 15 teams wander into town with Madison, Mars, and the Crabbe welcomed warmly. Hot weather and fierce competition prevailed at the tournament and Indy's attempt at vexing the opponents proved successful by arriving in the chicken limo. The Eagles took the title away from the Milkmen with Shut Up And Play in second. Cooter City and North Coast rounded out third and fourth.

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1988 was a year of drought and heat and concrete-like fields. For the first time the entire tournament was dedicated to Jeff Warrick. At the time he was in the hospital undergoing treatment for leukemia. A video was produced and warm greetings and wishes of luck were sent to Jeff and his family. Outside Loop rolled into town and Pittsburgh Crashed the scene to give Poultry in Motion a tough game in the finals. The new victor and the Seventh Poultry Days Champions were Michigan's Poulets.

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In 1989, the tournament boasted 22 teams from the midwest, totaling 12 states. Pool play ran all day Saturday, which counted down the final eight teams for Sunday. Sunday morning teams were awakened by the crowing from Indy's chicken limo. Quarter finals were underway with Poultry in Motion downing Tennessee and the Eagles overcoming the Pones of Pittsburgh. Madison defeated the Loop and Poultrygeist terrorized the Landsharks. Poultrygeist, who never finished above third, met Madison in the semi-finals with the Chicago team prevailing. Near the shelter house, the Eagles defeated Poultry in Motion by trading goals until the end. The final game was set. Poultrygeist of Chicago and the Eagles of Indianapolis. With the glimmer and shine of the three and a half foot first place trophy, Poultrygeist defeated a well disciplined Indy team. Madison downed Poultry in Motion for third and fourth places. A jubilant Poultrygeist team then began their celebration by attempting to capture the flag of Tennessee. Their method of head-butting to open a watermelon proved quite unique and their water balloon sling-shot sent victims scattering. As dusk fell, Poultrygeist could still be heard as they continued to romp on their garden-hose powered water-slide.

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