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{To register, read this page and take note of check sending information.  Then click on the Register button}

May 7st - The listing of teams who made the cut
May 21st - The listing of the pools will be posted on this site.

We're doing things similar to last year but pay attention. The tournament is being held at Poultry Days / Heritage Park in Versailles, Ohio as it has in prior years. There will be 32 open' teams.

Your check is due by April 1   This check for $500 and should be made payable to Oshadega.  Also, please make sure you include your Team name on the memo portion of the check.


Send your check to Oshadega:

8654 Oakshire Dr.
Pickerington, OH 43147

(614) 439-3712

Your application will be processed upon receipt of your check.  Applications and checks sent early improves your team's chances of making it into the tournament.


[This will register your team with the Poultry Days Ultimate Directors, but doesn’t guarantee a spot. A check for $500 must be received by April 1 to considered for registration in the 2023 Poultry Days Ultimate Classic.

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