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Team Information
Poultry Name: First Chickens in Flight
Contact Name: Alex Frasz
City of Origion: Dayton
Team Name: Get-Old Force
Email Address: alexfrasz@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: If chickens can’t fly then where did the phrase “don’t fly the coop” come from? Well, it all started in 1903 with two young roosters named Wilbur and Orville Wright on the outskirts of Dayton, Ohio. It was the Wright roosters, two University of Dayton cocks, who invented the first heavier than air Frisbee and ushered in the age of Dayton air superiority. Historians maintain the high flying Frisbee antics of Wilber and Orville were lost during WWI, only to be discovered again in the late 1980’s by a group of UD students who are now known as “The Godfathers.” The Godfathers founded “Calvin and Hucks,” which later became “The Sultans of Swing,” and finally settled on “Ghetto Force” until 2014 when the University outlawed the use of the word “Ghetto.” On any given day you will find Ghetto Force cocks and hens still scratching around the campus fields in search of the Ultimate seeds of life. First Chickens In Flight will be primarily made of the University of Dayton Ghetto Force Alumni, “Get Old Force.” Our goal is to recreate the UD party atmosphere, where every door is always open and underclassmen never pay to party, on the ultimate field. It will be a team of all ages, comprised of the founding fathers from the 80’s and their chicks (the father son connections), the power rooster generation of the 90’s, the young egg crackers of the 21st century, and of course our inter-team mates. First Chickens In Flight has players living across the country but is based out of Dayton, Ohio.
Team History: This would be Get-Old Force’s eighth consecutive year as the “First Chicken’s In Flight.” In past years our scores have often run a-fowl; we typically win 0-1 games on Saturday and 1-2 on Sunday. Get-Old Force has operated at varying levels over the past 20 years. Each year Get-Old Force meets at UD in the Spring for the alumni vs. current team scrimmage. In addition to reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones at Poultry Days, our team will be raising money to fund the education of future University of Dayton ultimate players. In 2011 our alumni association created a scholarship endowment fund which, once reaching a sustainable level, will distribute one scholarship to a UD Ultimate player each year in perpetuity. We ask each “Get-Old- Force” member playing on the Poultry Days team for a donation to the scholarship fund. It is our hope to return year after year and to continue to build up the fund.