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Team Information
Poultry Name: FusterCLUCK
Contact Name: Scott Fields
City of Origion: Charleston, WV
Team Name: Fuster Ultimate
Email Address: sf353389@yahoo.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: FusterCLUCK was hatched in June 2013 at Poultry Days. Our team base is in the Capital City of Charleston WV and our flock hails from all over the Mountain State. Our goal is to come in on a wing and a prayer, displaying our trademark, friendly Appalachian avian spirit everywhere we compete. You may not know us by sight, but you will recognize the battle cry. Late at night in Charleston, locals hear the famed song of the FusterCLUCK. Kah ka kah! Kah ka kah!
Team History: If we get a bid, this year will be FusterCLUCK's sixth year at Poultry Days. Our best finish was a semifinals run in the B bracket a few years back. We generally win a few games in pool play and compete in the B or C bracket on day two. You could say that as a team we are average at best, but our goal is to be the best of the average.