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Team Information
Poultry Name: Cluck Buddies
Contact Name: Emma Dolce
City of Origion: Ann Arbor
Team Name: Kalamazoo College Ultimate Frisbee (KCUF) Alumni
Email Address: emmamdolce@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: KCUF Alumni and Friends (AKA Cluck Buddies) is the most fun you've ever had playing ultimate. Period. We pride ourselves in being more spirited, inclusive, drunk, and straight up fun than than a new clutch of baby chicks (we also might be cuter). We never take ourselves too seriously and know more spirit games, cheers, chants, good natured heckles, and arbitrary reasons to drink than there are eggs in a coop of hens. We won't always beat you on the field but we WILL have way more fun on the sidelines, in the end zone, and at the afterparty. In fact, most often we ARE the afterparty. KCUF is probably best know in the region for bringing more lady ulti players to open tournaments than there are hens in a roost and we really wouldn't have it any other way. Not only are we more fun than a rooster in a cockfight, we're also a bunch of liberal arts hippies so we'll definitely do a better job of cleaning our campsite while hungover/still drunk from the night before than a brood of chickens taking a dust bath. We love playing together, welcoming new chicks into the brood, and competing against other fun, spirited, and salmonella-free teams. Newly-minted as "Cluck Buddies" we are EXACTLY the kind of team Oshadega wants at Poultry Days 2018. In fact, it's a crime on par with not throwing a hammer when no one is open and someone drunkenly calls for it from the sideline that we've never been before. Vote for Cluck Buddies. Help us fulfill our destiny.
Team History: KCUF Alumni and Friends predominantly plays in Southeast Michigan though we have been known to travel as far as Wildwood, NJ for a good time. Most of us played at least a couple of years of D-III College Ulti though we do have a couple of folks who are newer to the sport and all of us are getting old and slow. A few folks have some club experience but most of us are primarily league players these days. We play annually at Ann Arbor's Treetown Tournament, as well as Great Lakes Greatest in Traverse City, and Huckfest in Grand Rapids where we usually place in the top third of teams. We may be old but we still have a little bit of juice left when it counts. Please don't put us in the A Bracket. We don't deserve it and neither do they.