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Team Information
Poultry Name: Cock Block
Contact Name: Ellen Scheiber
City of Origion: Westminster, CO
Team Name: Cock Magic
Email Address: schieber.ellen@gmail.com
Team URL: http://www.cicis.com/
Team Bio: RANDI Could we ever have lunch? LEE You mean us? You and me? RANDI Yeah. I, uh...Because...I said a lotta terrible things to you. But -- I know you never -- Maybe you don't wanna talk to me -- LEE Itís not that. RANDI But let me finish. However it -- my heart was broken. It's still broken. I know your heart is broken too. But I don't have to carry...I said things that I should -- I should fuckiní burn in hell for what I said. It was just -- LEE No, no... RANDI Iím just sorry. I love you. Maybe I shouldnít say that. And Iím sorry -- LEE (CONT'D) I canít -- You can say it, but -- No, itís just --I -- I canít -- I gotta go. RANDI We couldnít have lunch? LEE I donít think so. RANDI You canít just die...! But honey, I see you walkiní around like this and I just wanna tell you -- But Lee, you gotta -- I don't know what! I don't wanna torture you. I just wanna tell you I was wrong. That can't be true...! LEE (CONT'D) Thank you for sayiní everything --Iím not! But I canít -- Iím happy for you. And I want...I would want to talk to you -- But I canít, I canít... I'm tryiní to -- You're not. But I got nothiní to -- Than you for sayiní that. But -- Thereís nothiní there ...You donít understand... RANDI Of course I do! LEE Iím s -- gotta go. RANDI OK. Iím sorry. LEE (CONT'D) Thereís nothiní I can s -- I gotta go. He moves away. Randi breaks down
Team History: Cs get degrees