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Team Information
Poultry Name: Scotch and Chicken
Contact Name: Ben Sever
City of Origion: Atlanta
Team Name: Chuey
Email Address: brseve2@g.uky.edu
Team URL:
Team Bio: Chuey is made up of guys and ladies from Louisville and Atlanta mostly. We came together for an indoor tournament in February of 2016. We are a group that loves hanging out together and playing competitive ultimate at a high spirit level. This year we have named our team in remembrance of our friend Flex who played with us last year. This January she unexpectedly took her own life and we miss her very much. Her puppy was named after her favorite drink. We plan to share this drink and her story with the teams we play and hope to bring awareness to mental health and well being.
Team History: Last year was our first year as a team at PDays. we had a solid team, but were lower on numbers than we planned on. We played in the power pools on Saturday. We lost a few close games but were able to make the finals of the B bracket on Sunday. We plan to have a very similar team again this year. Our only obstacle that I can see now is we might have 3 or 4 guys playing in the AUDL this year so that could impact our depth on the guys side.