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Team Information
Poultry Name: Han Pollo
Contact Name: Jen Naumovitz
City of Origion: Lexington, KY
Team Name: Han Pollo
Email Address: ky.mixed@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: We are a mixed team out of Lexington Ky. We will be a returning team to poultry days for the 2nd year. Our formal team name is Moonshine Ultimate. We play 'coop'etitively throughout the summer and attend our sectionals. This is our 3rd season being a mixed team. We are a pretty spirited team and also good at eating contests! CLUCK CLUCK. Our captains this year are Jen N. who played at Eastern KY University and Corndog who was a captain of the BBC in Columbus, OH his senior year and a seasoned chick the others. We are also very considerate campers! Lastly, Poultry Days is awesome! Cluck ya there!!!
Team History: We were Han Pollo Last year and if I'm not mistaken were seeded in the C pools. We won some/lost some but it seemed like an appropriate place for us. Corndog says we most definitely, almost probably, seriously went even. Team Captains Jen N. - played last year han pollo, jug handle Corndog - played last year han pollo Notable Team Players Matt Brown - Has played KFC (open) and Louisevil (open) and Moonshine (mixed 2 years) Also played Han Pollo last year. Matt McMackin - Played college Ohio State (Schmee) played feather ticklers two years, han pollo last year. Both are local high school coaches and love egging on new players. Other people These people are clucking awesome! There will be 20 of them and at least half of them are Han Pollo returners. Let the force be with COCKADOODLEYOU!