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Team Information
Poultry Name: Cocks on Parade
Contact Name: George White
City of Origion: Cincinnati
Team Name: Age Against the Machine
Email Address: gwhite15@cinci.rr.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: Since rising from the ashes of their youth in the late 1990's, Age Against the Machine has led the struggle for spirited Old Man Ultimate. With appearances at the 2001 and 2004 Masters UPA Nationals, the inaugural and multiple Grand Masters and Great Grand Masters USAU Nationals, multiple World championships in Montreal, and the first three GGM Sarasota Sunset championships, this collection of crafty, crusty and creaky men continue to encourage their fellow aged to wake up, know your enemy, and settle for nothing. Like previously bulls now cocks on parade, these men, formerly perky and even approaching athletic, but now armed only with their wisdom and perseverance, and lacking in skill what they also lack in speed, will rise up one final time against the unrelenting Machine.
Team History: The men of Age Against the Machine have competed at multiple USAU Masters, GM, and GGM nationals, as well as Montreal and Sarasota GM and GGM tourneys, and have convinced several younger and like-minded men and women to join us for our first ever Poultry Days bid.