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Team Information
Poultry Name: Eggs Benedict XVI
Contact Name: Kelsey Fink
City of Origion: South Bend, IN
Team Name: Notre Dame Alumni
Email Address: kvfink5@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: Although we have played under different aliases, there has been a Notre Dame team at Poultry Days for a while now. Possibly dating back as far as 1998, I can confirm that I have personally played with the team nearly every year since 2011. Our results have ranged from competitive years in the A-bracket to less competitive years on the back driving range fields. Regardless, Notre Dame has always supported the spirit of Poultry Days and brings a great group every year. We always wear our worn-out camo jerseys, set up all of our tents on the far side of the lake inside the walking path, and definitely know where to find the chicken. Hopefully we get a chance to participate again this year!
Team History: Team started coming to Poultry Days in 1998. We have come every year since at least 2006. Basic results were as follows: A-Bracket (2006), B-Bracket (2007, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2016), C-Bracket (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 Finals, 2014), D-Bracket (2017), and E-Bracket (2018 - Finals). We are hoping to bring back a more competitive group this year, but will enjoy the competition regardless of the level.