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Team Information
Poultry Name: Coop D'Etat
Contact Name: Andrew Maturo
City of Origion: CHICAGO
Team Name: Coop D'Etat
Email Address: maturoandrew@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: Friends from coast to coast converge in the midwest in the natural nesting grounds of Versailles to partake in smoked chickens. Maybe some ultimate too. We're only a bit more graceful than a bunch of headless chickens. Each of my teammates has been the odd egg out so when given the opportunity to revolt, we had ourselves a little Coop D'Etat!
Team History: The captain resides in Chicago and has amazingly convinced fellow poultry lovers from all over to (potentially) return once again for a reunion. We're no spring chickens so this was no easy feat. We played together last year under the same name and had a blast. The usual. Won some games, ate more eggs than any doctor would approve of, and remained quiet and respectful at night. We would love the opportunity to migrate back to our grounds for another roost!