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Team Information
Poultry Name: Poulty-Geist
Contact Name: Jeff Brauning
City of Origion: Columbus/ Cleveland
Team Name: Poulty-Geist
Email Address: jeffrey.brauning@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: Poulty-geist is mostly Columbus and Cleveland players with some NYC and Pitt players mixed in FOR FUN. After playing on different Poultry Days teams in the past, two best friends from both cities decided to wrangle up a motley crew of spirited, talented cretans to experience Poultry Days as it has always meant to be. While the team will be in it's first year, we are eager to make some noise, both competitively and socially. We're looking to play hard, but also make new friends with teams and create a bond that can only happen in glorious Heritage Park, Versailles, OH.
Team History: Poulty-geist started as an idea between two best friends in Columbus and Cleveland. After years of playing on separate teams for Poultry Days, they decided to combine some of the best players in their respective cities and take Poultry Days by storm! While the team consists of competitive players with club Nationals and international experience, spirit and team culture are at the team's heart. We are very excited to compete at Poultry Days and contribute to all of the fun ultimate culture it has created!