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Team Information
Poultry Name: Road Crossers
Contact Name: Ben Sever
City of Origion: Atlanta
Team Name: Chuey
Email Address: sever.benjamin@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: Rodger, Can't wait for another great year! Couple things I would like to get out there for our team this year. Numbers don't seem to be as strong as some past years, mainly because there is so much other ultimate going on with Pro leagues being in season. I think this year we will ask to be in a non-power pool this year. If there is any chance we could stay in the pool that stays at the park fields, we would love that! Also was wondering if electronic payment is possible. If not, just let me know and I will send the check right over.
Team History: Chuey is a group of friends that play high level ultimate for teams around the Upper mid south (Atlanta, Louisville, and Columbus). We like to get together for fun tournaments such as Pdays and Turkey Tourney. We like to bring very spirited teams that play to a high level, but most importantly have a good time with each other and the other teams at the event. We have been to Poultry Days the last 3 years as a team. Every year we have played in a power pool, but have not been able to make the A bracket. We have made the B bracket finals a couple times and won the C bracket last year. We also try to add to the atmosphere of camping. We like to have slow down signs around our camp ground to encourage others to slow down and meet some new fun people.