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Team Information
Poultry Name: Poultry In Motion
Contact Name: Rebecca Robitaille
City of Origion: Barrie, Ontario, CA
Team Name: Force
Email Address: forcecaptains@gmail.com
Team URL: https://www.facebook.com/ForceUltimateTeam/
Team Bio: FORCE Ultimate is a mixed competitive touring team from Barrie, Ontario, CA.
Team History: FORCE has been playing together for five years. In 2015 FORCE Qualified for the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Winnipeg Manitoba, placing 14th and winning the Spirit award for the tournament. In 2016 FORCE competed at the Ontario Ultimate Championships and was just one seed short of qualifying for the Canadian Ultimate Championships. In 2017, FORCE placed 6th at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Saskatoon, SK, and in 2018 Force placed 5th at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Surrey, BC. In the 2019 season, Force plans to grow and mature as a team and take on new competition in the US circuit. Last year, several members of Force attended Poultry Days with another Canadian team, Kentucky Fried Canadians. They enjoyed the tournament so much, and they are hoping to introduce the rest of the team to the fun and competition that Poultry Days has to offer.