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Team Information
Poultry Name: Cocks of the North
Contact Name: Brandon Cannell
City of Origion: Cincinnati, OH
Team Name: Cocks of the North
Email Address: cannellb09@gmail.com
Team URL:
Team Bio: Hello Rodger! We are so excited to kick this summer off the right way again with another fantastic time at Poultry Days. Our team name is Cocks of the North, formally known as “Other Cocks,” as we enter our 5th year into the tournament. As always, we are a team designed to bring old friends back together and introduce new friends to the group, with PDays being the best tournament to do so. We come from Cincinnati (OH), Washington DC, Columbia (SC), Appleton (WI), and Seattle (WA). This team has been attending since 2014, we have enjoyed each year more than the last. While not always winning many games, we are surely in the top teams for spirit and spirit prizes, and teams continue to tell us we are the most fun team they have played so far. We are bringing in some new talent from teams where I live (DC), such as members of Washington DC Grit (top 18 Women’s team); and Rally (my team, top 25 Mixed team). The local talent, if to provide any context should you know the names, include players like Daniel Latz and John Cassidy, among other popular names in the Cincinnati/Ohio area. We are looking forward to another great tournament and are counting down the days until June! Please let me know if there is anything you would need from me to help facilitate the tournament or make life easier for you. This is a tournament I am very passionate about, and I love to see it continue to be a major success. We will be sending our check in soon to get that taken care of.
Team History: We are usually a 1-2 win team, but we are bringing in some better talent this year to help win a few more. Our goal has always been keeping the spirit high and bringing fun to each game, and that will never change.